StepUp Wilmington at First Tee

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StepUp Wilmington visits First Tee – Greater Wilmington

At StepUp Wilmington their goal is to ensure every individual who walks through our doors receives the training and support to achieve their goals; whatever they might be. They are a community of people willing to lend a hand to those who need just that. When StepUp Wilmington accepts a participant, we make them a serious promise: If they keep showing up and working hard, we will too and they will find a job. Thanks to their dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters, StepUp Wilmington provides everything tangible they need to succeed, from an interview suit and a public transit card to job-search techniques and hard-skills training. Together, they help motivated people get back on their feet so they can start building a better life for themselves and their families, and a stronger community for us all.

First Tee – Greater Wilmington hosted a golf clinic for the children of StepUp participants on Saturday, March 6th. During the clinic, they covered the basic fundamentals of chipping and full-swing while talking about how Respect, Confidence, and Honesty go hand-in-hand with golf and in our life. Golf is fun when players Respect each other and the environment they are in. Confidence in golf is a big deal! They talked about ways to build Confidence with our golf swing and one way is to practice more. Honesty plays a big part in keeping our score correctly in golf. We covered how each player is responsible for keeping track on their own score and recording honestly on their scorecard.

During the chipping and full-swing stations, it was inspiring to see how the kids picked up right away the swing ques and advice the coaches were giving them. Watching their faces light up when the ball went sailing through the air was heartwarming to watch. “We are grateful and excited to have StepUp Wilmington partner with us and have First Tee as an opportunity for their participant’s families,” said Brittany Zachrich, Interim Executive Director for First Tee – Greater Wilmington.

Thank you to StepUp Wilmington for visiting First Tee – Greater Wilmington!