The Learning Center has gotten a “new look”

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The Learning Center has gotten a “new look”! Thanks to our volunteers (Steve Shinn, John Garvey, Gill Gregory, Dave O’Laughlin, Kathy & Rich Senna, Darlene Stibb and Cindy Ho) who helped the staff clean out the brush from around the building. Once cleared Kathy Senna and Ellen Gregory planted a few plants and Darlene Stibb reached out to several local nurseries. We so appreciate the incredible generosity of Carolina Girl Gardens and Lloyds of Landscaping for the plants they donated to beautify the front and back of the building.

We also want to thank the Woodall family and the Gregory’s who donated and spread new mulch around our Learning Center. The Lanzi family donated and installed new security cameras down at the loop, and Tom Ronner who is sewing up our net that was vandalized a few weeks ago.

Thank you First Tee volunteers and families for your continued support, we appreciate you and we cannot do it without you!!